Are you up to the challenge?

You Want In?

This is how it works: Choose a day and start! You are welcome to join me during the months of May and November every year. Sign up here and I will walk you through your Spring/Fall Cleanse! Remove any negative thoughts and clear out your kitchen of temptations (or at the very least creating a safe spot in your pantry & fridge for you if no one in your home is down to join you).

Now go download Dax Moy's Elimination Diet PDF. This is a free resource that anyone can get download. Go to the link, print it out and READ IT! This is the Elimation Diet created by Dax Moy, he explains EXACTLY what to do in detail, I promise. If you have any questions please email, tweet, or facebook me!

This is EXACTLY what we are committing to:

  • 30 days of following Dax Moy's Elimination Diet.
  • Being active AT LEAST 3 times per week.
  • Staying accountable. Don't hide or fall off the face of the earth--Accountability is GOOD!

It's not as insane as it sounds!


  1. Sign up using our web form
  2. Sign up as a free member on my Team BeachBody site
  3. Friend me on Facebook
  4. "Like" my page

What is it?

I am challenging you to join me in a 30-day detox using real food, eliminating certain foods that often block or get in the way of healthy eating and especially weight loss. In order for your body to truly be in a position to release fat storages you must rid it of toxins and flood it with nutrition. It’s response will be a happy, clean and lean body! Will you go from where you are today to a 6-pack in 30 days? Probably not; is that impossible? No! Nothing is impossible! You just need to make a plan and FOLLOW IT! And good for you--you have me to help you get there!

Who is this for?

ANYONE & EVERYONE! Please encourage everyone in your world to join you on this journey since the more support will only make it easier on you!

Wanna kick start your results and make your first 3-days easier?

Most people experience some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms (from removing caffeine and sugar) and/or are not quite sure what to eat as they get started so consider doing the 3-Day Refresh to start! I have personally done the 3-Day Refresh and experienced a 6lb loss in addition to a drop of 11 inches! So why not give it a try! Having Shakeology everyday during the challenge is a great idea! And don’t forget you have 30-days to return for a full refund! So give it a try! I recommend ordering it on Home Direct to get FREE shipping & handing- try it for the 30-day challenge and if by day 29 you are not pleased, then simply return it! It’s that simple and it will help you have that much more results!!